Alecia Waite

Chinese Name:Alecia Waite

Hometown: Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela

Major(s): International Studies / Chinese

Why did you choose to join the Flagship Program?

I chose to join the Flagship Program because I wanted to challenge myself. I quickly became fascinated by China and its culture, and I continued because of this fascination.

Have you studied abroad? If yes, when and where? What is one of your most memorable experiences?

I studied abroad three times: twice at the Flagship Center in Qingdao, and once at Beijing’s Renmin University. One of my most memorable experiences was staying with a host family in Qingdao. My host parents were warm and friendly and actually treated me like a daughter. Since then, I have been in touch with them many times. I will most likely visit them again when I go back to China during the 2009-2010 school year.

How would you sum up your experience in Flagship?

When I look back on my experience in Flagship, I feel very proud of my ability to persevere in such an intense program; in this sense, the flagship program has strengthened me as a person. I’m amazed that my Chinese is now good enough to take classes in China with Chinese students. Furthermore, I’ve cultivated lasting friendships through the program.

What are your post-Flagship plans?

My post-flagship plans are still undecided, but I know that I will pursue China-related graduate studies upon returning to the US.

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