Hillside in rural Gansu, somewhere between Lanzhou and Xiahe

Hillside in rural Gansu, somewhere between Lanzhou and Xiahe

Course Descriptions

Courses train students to interact with Chinese language and culture using the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Subjects include Chinese language, culture, politics, and economics. Classes are focused on student performance and are conducted entirely in Chinese.

Chin 111: Intensive Chinese I (5 credit hours)

Taken during the summer before a student’s freshman year, this class provides an introduction to the Chinese language, including reading, writing, and conversational skills for basic communication. This class also contains cultural and linguistic information about the Chinese-speaking world. It is intended for students with fewer than two years of high school Chinese.

Chin 112: Intensive Chinese II (5 credit hours)

This class is a continuation of Chin 111.

Chin 211: Intensive Chinese III (5 credit hours)

In this course, students continue developing proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing Chinese. The course also includes cultural and linguistic information about the Chinese-speaking world. Topics covered in this course are generally related to daily life.

Chin 212: Intensive Chinese IV (5 credit hours)

Continuation of Chin 211.

Chin 215: Chinese Practicum I (5 credit hours)

Description: Taken at the Qingdao Flagship Center, this course provides students with language communication opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. Students aim to experience China through observation, investigation, participation, and communication.

Chin 311: Intensive Chinese V (5 credit hours)

Development of speaking and writing skills, including creative expression, work with higher-level text types, and the study of selected grammatical structures. Topics covered are generally related to Chinese culture and society.

Chin 312: Intensive Chinese VI (5 credit hours)

Continuation of Chin 311.

Chin 315: Chinese Practicum II (5 credit hours)

This summer course is taught in China. This advanced course focuses on raising students’ reading and writing levels. Students also learn how to interact appropriately in Chinese society. The summer program offers students numerous opportunities for service learning.

Chin 413: Media Chinese (5 credit hours)

Students study Chinese movies and a variety of news reports about international, domestic, economic, and cultural issues. This course develops students’ ability to comprehend and report news to others.

Chin 414: Academic Chinese (5 credit hours)

This course will develop students’ academic Chinese ability through the study of writings by Chinese intellectuals on social, cultural, political, and economic issues. Students will also work with Chinese movies.

Chin 511: Chinese Philology

This courses focuses on Chinese linguistics, literature, and classical readings.

Chin 512: Chinese Culture and Civilization

This course focuses on Chinese philosophy, history, economy, and government.

Chin 513: Chinese for Advanced Proficiency

This course is designed to prepare students to discuss high-level topics in Chinese. Students engage in discussions on a variety of topics in concrete and abstract forms.

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