Bryn Mawr – Optional?

Date: Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 12:42 PMTo provide the best response to your question, I’d like to clarify: we currently register all students with Bryn Mawr, as this avoids delays in issuing transcripts after the Capstone year concludes. However, now all students have the option to opt-out of receiving BMC transcripts. They indicate whether or not they wish to receive a transcript with their acceptance materials. Hopefully, this solves part of the issue with transfer credits for UM.

In the past, the Beijing Center has created transcripts for students with special circumstances which were then stamped with the official university seal by BUU.

Honors designation at the end

Sent: Monday, August 20, 2018 11:24 AM
Subject: RE: Capstone courses final grades
I was getting ready to check these and award honors so I will wait until early September. Do you have a list of students who finished capstone this summer? I want to make sure I update everyone.

Honors designation later

Mon, Jul 2, 2018, 3:43 PM
to NETHANEEL, BlairWe can update honors later and award the degrees now.Does it matter if these two Capstone students’ grades don’t come until August instead of July?
Based on the grad conversion metric, would it even affect their transcript?

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From: Sandy Lee
Date: Fri, Jun 29, 2018 at 9:51 AM
Subject: Grades for Meredith Cuilik and Madeleine Achgill
Cc: Merritt Huang

Hello Nate,

We are processing grades for Meredith and Madeleine. We are missing some required documents/assignments from these students.

We can wait for these assignments, but would mean that their grades would be processed later in July. I am wondering if it would be fine if these two transcripts arrive in August rather than in July? Or, are they graduating soon and need the transcripts soon?

If the students are able to get their requirements completed in, their grades can go up. (B+ to A-) (B- to B)

Two Processing Dates

Date: Wed, Jun 6, 2018 at 3:52 PM
Five students have submitted transcript requests from Bryn Mawr for the internship component. We are looking into ###’ transcripts.Below is the most up to chart we have for Nanjing internship end dates. These dates may shift though in the student decides to continue a few more days at their internships. The dates in yellow are tentative end dates.

Since we have over 40+ participants with varying end dates (for example,  5/31 and 7/15), we separate the transcript process into two. Students who complete by June 15 will have their grades processed and sent to their home institution by mid-July (one months’ time). About half of the Nanjing students conclude their internships by June 15. Those after mid-June, will be processed later in the summer and will arrive at the home institution at the earliest mid-August. If there is a particular need, such as a student is graduating very soon, we can try to expedite the transcript request. One is slated to conclude her internship on June 21, so that would mean she wouldn’t receive her transcript until earliest mid-August.


Taiwan Bedding

——– Forwarded message ———-Dear Taiwan Program students and Flagship colleagues,Please see the attached photograph for information about buying a mattress, sheets, blankets, and a pillow when you arrive in Taiwan.

The service is available even if you arrive very late at night, and Taiwan Center staff will be available to help you. The bedding shop is in Building A of the Shui-yuan dormitories.

Please make sure you bring enough cash for this expense. I did a quick calculation, and if you were to buy the tatami mattress (NT$1,040), the cool quilt (NT$530), as it will still be hot there in September, the single sheet & pillow case (NT$450), and a pillow (NT$380), this comes to approximately US$77 at today’s exchange rate.

If after a week or two of sleeping on a traditional Taiwanese mattress you are not comfortable, you can choose to spend more money for a mattress at IKEA or Muji.

CISI Insurance

Dear Taiwan Program students and Flagship colleagues,Although everyone now has either seen the Pre-Departure Orientation webinar or has received a link to the recording of it, which has a slide covering the information I’m about to give you (Slide 42), I wanted to make sure you all had the detailed process by which you apply for CISI insurance through Hunter College, CUNY. I know this is especially important for Boren Scholars who have an application deadline coming up.Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Check “I have read the above and agree with the stated terms and conditions.” and click Next.
Step 3: Enter Sponsor Code CUNY-Hunter, your coverage start and end dates*, your birthdate, and the country and city you are traveling to.

Step 4: Select Policy #18 GLM N04965310 for $58.03 per month.
Step 5: Complete Personal Data. Put in your program name (Taiwan Capstone). You don’t have to submit a participant ID.
Step 6: Submit Payment Information

Step 7: Print and save your confirmation.

Step 8: Forward your confirmation to me!

Please remember that we STRONGLY recommend that your CISI coverage cover you for the full duration of your travel. So if you are planning on arriving in Taiwan on August 25th to search for an apartment, your CISI insurance should begin then, rather than on September 1 (the official Program start date).

BEFORE buying your insurance, you may want to speak with your home Flagship coordinator.