Cohort 13 Visiting the Forbidden City – Beijing Trip, UM Flagship Summer in Shanghai

Special Instructions for Taiwan-Bound New Freshmen


Please look over each section below that applies to you. TAKE NOTE of this symbol: . It indicates that there is a short confirmation form to complete. You’ll find the link in orange at the bottom of the section.

      To Complete ASAP

      Come Visit (again)

      If you haven’t already met your cohort (our current freshmen) or if you would otherwise benefit from a(nother) visit to campus, by all means, set up a visit.  See our Visit Page for general availabilities, but also consider coming for our Chinese New Year’s celebration or during our Spring Speech Contest.  Both events bring all of our students, faculty, staff, and other visitors together in a very good display of what goes into Flagship and what it produces as a result.  Both events are also catered as well.  Check with us on when those events take place, as they change from year to year.

      Review Summer Dates

      Taiwan Summer Info Page

      Note: please inform us if your spring semester end date or graduation date overlap with the Taiwan program start date.  In most cases, we can allow you to come late.

      Also review our Extending Summer Dates page, in case you may wish to go abroad early or come back late.

      Review Scholarships & Costs of Summer Abroad

      CHIN 215 Cost & Scholarship Info Page

      Note: while basic program costs are provided on the Taiwan Summer Info Page, those given on the link above are more specific to University of Mississippi Chinese Flagship students, rather than to any other applicants coming from other Flagship schools.

      Have Financial Concerns, or Qualify for Need-Based Aid?

      If you are concerned about how you and your family will make up the uncovered portion of CHIN 215, let us know.  This is particularly important if you qualify for a pell grant or have any other demonstrable financial need.  Regardless, you can and should consider any scholarships for which you may qualify.

      Visit Special Instructions Page

      Be sure to look at all options, including, but not limited to, our UM Study Abroad office.

      Check Your Passport Expiration Date

      Passport Preparation Page

      *Check admits page for any upcoming tasks*

      When Ready To Commit

      Change Your Term of Entry

      Term of Entry Change Instructions

      Purchase Your Flights

      Flight Purchase Instructions

      *Check admits page for any upcoming tasks*

      To Complete in Early March (if ready)

      Complete Study Abroad Application

      Study Abroad Application Instructions – CHIN 215

      Complete Summer Financial Aid Application

      Summer Financial Aid Application – Taiwan (CHIN 215)

      *Check admits page for any upcoming tasks*

      To Complete in April (if ready)

      Pre-Summer Proficiency Exams

      Year 1 Spring Test Sign-ups (off-campus)

      Email Us Your Flight Itinerary

      You should do this as soon as you make the purchase, but in case you haven’t/didn’t, make sure you do at this time.

      Flagship Safety & Security Webinar

      Students must participate in a Flagship Safety and Security Presentation to participate in summer overseas and the Capstone programs.  You can complete this requirement over the internet.  We will provide you with more instructions once we receive dates and access info from the national Flagship office.

      Pre-Departure Briefing #2

      The 2nd Pre-Departure Briefing for Taiwan will occur in early April. This year is April 9, 2019 @ 5pm.

      It will cover specifics on what to pack, how to prepare for departure, what is included in the weekly schedule, how to approach the language pledge, etc.

      You should plan on attending (over Skype) if at all possible.

      If you can attend

      1. Email Nate and confirm that we have your Skype credentials
      2. Make sure that we have connected via Skype well in advance of the briefing date

      If you CANNOT attend

      1. Email Nate and provide the reasons
      2. We will provide you with any and all documentation disseminated at the briefing

      *Check admits page for any upcoming tasks*

      To Complete in Early July

      Accept Your Summer Scholarship

      Feel free to look ahead, but do not attempt to complete the following instructions until prompted:

      Accepting Summer Scholarships

      Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions about this summer. If you have not yet done so, let us know if you would like to be added to your new cohort’s GroupMe group.