Cohort 13 Visiting the Forbidden City – Beijing Trip, UM Flagship Summer in Shanghai

Welcome New Admits!

Congratulations on being among the strong set of applicants admitted as members of the most recent cohort of The University of Mississippi Chinese Language Flagship Program. We sincerely hope that you will accept our invitation to join the Flagship and that you will notify us of that decision at your earliest opportunity.

Update: Summer Courses Postponed

In response to COVID-19, we are postponing CHIN 111 & 112 until August Intersession at the earliest (August Intersession starts on Aug 3).

Please read this letter from our co-directors for more details.

Who does this affect?

Almost everyone in Chinese Flagship.  All Chinese Flagship summer programming has been cancelled.  Our current freshmen and sophomores will have to participate in our summer online workshops and maintain their language skills through other online resources.  They will have the chance to go abroad next summer, but throughout the fall and spring, they will an adjusted curriculum to help them meet Flagship’s proficiency benchmarks despite this major setback.

How will this affect me?

First, you will miss out on one of the most challenging but rewarding stages in our program: pre-freshman summer.  We will try to create ways for you to interact with each other and with older students in order to build the usual cohort cohesion, and we strongly encourage you to get involved online as much as possible.

Secondly, like the older cohorts, you will have an adjusted fall schedule in order to catch up and get back on track to hit Flagship’s proficiency benchmarks.  We are hopeful that we’ll be able to start in August intersession, but regardless, you will need to be prepared for a very challenging fall.  You will have …

** two Chinese classes this fall for a total of 7 – 10 credit hours **

The actual hours will depend upon how much programming we can fit into August intersession.

Students with large majors (Engineering, International Studies, etc.): make sure to speak to your advisors during orientation to limit the effects of these extra credit hours.  Rather than taking 18+ credits this fall, we would recommend that you work out a plan to take any missing classes in a future semester or intersession.  Taking a heavy course load in fall of freshman year can have very negative consequences, even for high-achieving students.




Please look over each section below that applies to you. TAKE NOTE of this symbol: . It indicates that there is a short confirmation form to complete. You’ll find the link in orange at the bottom of the section.


Tasks affected by COVID-19 will be marked below in red.

To Review Immediately (even if not ready to commit)

To Complete Immediately (even if not ready to commit)

  • Instructions

    Some students are ready to commit and get started on administrative tasks as soon as they are admitted, while others need until mid-April or longer to hear back from the many institutions to which they have been accepted. We recommend that you take the time to visit as many of them as possible, particularly if they have a Chinese program and other special programs of interest to you.

    Regardless of your time frame, we STRONGLY ADVISE you to ACT NOW on the items in this section.

    Some processes do have fees associated with them, but if you can afford it, signing up early will ensure that you start the fall with a course schedule and a residence that best suit your preferences.

    If you are unable to complete these early, do not panic. Freshman course sections are numerous, and there is some flexibility in housing assignments, at least when it comes to roommates. See the corresponding section for advice on applying late to other special programs.

  • Special Program Applications
  • Urgent: Immunization Records
  • Urgent: Fall Orientation Sign-Up (March 4, 2019 at 8:30 a.m. CST)(Continue as planned, and act ASAP)
  • Prepare for Fall Registration (Before May 15)
  • FAFSA (Before March 1*)

Committing to UM & Flagship

To Complete Shortly after Committing to UM & Flagship

Note: You May Need to Complete a Placement Interview Before Knowing Which Sections Below Apply to You

Note on Summer Registration (Ignore)

Flagship will register you for summer classes once the majority of incoming freshmen have committed and confirmed that they have completed the requisite steps above (official commitment, immunization, term of entry, etc.).  Make sure you go through these carefully, and complete them as soon as you are able.  Flagship student processing creates an anomaly in the typical administrative workflow, so timing and precision are key … as is patience on everyone’s part.

Note on Summer Scholarships (Ignore)

Flagship will inform students individually of their summer awards in early April, if not sooner.  We publish the typical scholarship ranges, but we take extra time to get a rough estimate of the maximum amount of funding we can possibly award.

We will disburse the scholarships in late spring, and will notify you when they are ready for you to accept.  We must check and double-check that all students are registered successfully and have submitted their summer financial aid forms.  Please make sure you have competed all related steps above successfully and accurately.

Note on Summer Arrival (Ignore)

When you move into your summer dorm, you may be granted a temporary ID card, which will grant you access to your dorm facility and to your meal plan.  If you have time, you should go to the ID Center to get your permanent card.  Otherwise, you may have to wait until the following morning.  Remember: the ID center opens at 8:15am, while our Flagship orientation begins at 10am.  You cannot miss or be late to orientation.

  • Students Going To Taiwan This Summer (Ignore)

    If you have a substantial background in Mandarin, we will prompt you to complete a placement interview (see “placement” section above).

  • IF you place into our current freshman cohort, follow all instructions on our Taiwan-Bound New Freshmen page.
  • **Make sure to continue reading and completing the items below**

To Complete By May 1

To Complete Before UM Orientation

To Complete During UM Orientation

To Complete in Early July

To Complete By Early Fall


Please contact us if you encounter any difficulties in logging back in to the online application portal for University of Mississippi special programs and officially accepting (or declining) your offer. Do not hesitate to call us if you would like to discuss any aspect of the program before making your final decision. If you have not yet visited, or would like to visit again this spring, we will be happy to help arrange that as well.

Congratulations once again on being accepted into this excellent, demanding, and highly competitive program. On behalf of the entire UM Chinese Flagship Selection Committee,

Why so many forms? Inform us of important progress without waiting on items that you can’t complete until later.