Accepting Summer Scholarships (Late May / Early July)

We will begin awarding partial scholarships to participants in our summer program beginning in late may or early July (as soon as the funds become available). The timing is far from ideal, but we often cannot gain access to summer funds until the start of the new fiscal year.

We will prompt you when you can accept scholarships.

Feel free to look at the steps below in order to be fully ready when the time comes.

Once they have been awarded, you must accept your awards through the website
( and set up your direct deposit by providing your bank account information.
To complete this process, you MUST do the following:

  1. On, go to the Financial Aid section, and then to “Award Notification.”
  2. Enter the correct term, which is “Undergraduate of the current academic year (for summer, of this year)” and “Summer” (NOT fall/spring).
  3. Follow the prompts to accept your awards (if you do not have any awards to accept, notify us immediately).
  4. If it does not take you back to the Award Notification page, log back in and go there. Now you should see any error messages related to your account.
  5. If you have not yet signed up for direct deposit, you should see an error message listed above your awards with a link labelled “Details.”
    Click this link, and follow the prompts until you are able to submit your bank account information.
    You may have to wait up to 48 hours (although not likely more than 24) for the system to update and your account information to be fully entered into the system; however, once it is updated, any surplus funds in your bursar’s account will AUTOMATICALLY be disbursed and sent directly to your personal checking account.
    If you do NOT link your bank account in time, a check will be mailed to your permanent address. If you do not see a link within the Financial Aid Award Status Lookup interface, visit the following page to link your bank account.

When you are ready, please submit this short Google form for our records:

Summer Scholarships Acceptance Confirmation Form