National Database Registration

All Flagship students must be registered in the national Flagship database in order to receive Flagship funding.

This is a simple process when done properly, and an onerous one when not.

Please complete these steps as soon as you can after receiving the prompt to do so.

1. Check for an email from ‘’

2a. If you find it, find a time when you have 30 minutes to complete registration in a single sitting. Re-accessing the site when you’re halfway through has proved unreliable, and could lead to starting over … with the addition of several time-consuming steps.

2b. Access the database through the link provided in the email, and fill out all required sections in one sitting. Again, It’s extremely important that you don’t stop in the middle.

2c. Fill out the confirmation Google form below.

3a. If you can’t find the form, follow these steps:
• Check your spam for an email from ‘’
• Turn off any Filters

3b. If you can’t find the email after trying the above …
• Choose another email address (other than your UM student address)
• add the ‘’ as a contact to your email contacts for that address.
• Contact Nate and provide the alternate email address.

When you are ready, please submit this short Google form for our records:

Nat’l Database Confirmation Form