Program Orientation (mandatory for CHIN 111 students, strongly encouraged for all who can attend)

At the beginning of our domestic summer program, we hold a Flagship orientation session.
For many parents and other family members, this is a very rare opportunity to meet each other; in fact, it may not happen again until graduation! If any younger siblings or family friends might be considering Flagship, this event can also give them a sense of the rigor of the program and the exceptionally high proficiency and cultural standards of a Flagship program.

We do understand that not everyone’s travel schedule will permit it, but we encourage anyone in town for move-in, or within driving distance, to attend. The orientation session, presided over by our co-director, Dr. Zeng, is extremely informative and sets the tone for the rest of one’s Flagship career. It is helpful for parents to be present. This year we have to hold Orientation the day after Move-in, which will admittedly make it quite difficult for many to attend.

Chinese Flagship Orientation Session: Tuesday, May 31, 2022 from 10am-2pm (MANDATORY for CHIN 111 students)
For participants in the on-campus intensive summer program, and all other incoming Flagship freshmen who can attend.
Location: Room 107 of the Croft Institute) See Map.

When you are ready, please submit this short Google form for our records:

Flagship Orientation Attendance Confirmation