Prepare for Fall Registration (Before May 15)

In order to ensure the best fall schedule (in terms of classes and class times), look over the requirements for your intended major(s), as well as elective courses you might be interested in.
You can look for info for your major(s), minor(s) or program(s) of interest through departmental websites. All the required coursework should be listed in the UM Catalog:

You may also want to look at potential majors via UM’s Academics page.

Make sure that the courses you intend to take in the fall have sections that do not conflict with your Chinese Flagship course. For most new freshmen, this will be CHIN 211.

All Chinese Flagship courses can be found in the Curriculum section of this site

The entire UM Course Schedule is found in Just log in and search for “Course Schedule.”

Set Your Major Strategically for the Best Advising

Advising take place on Day 2 of your Orientation session, but the scheduling happens before May 15.

Follow the steps below to make sure you get the most out of the advising session:

  1. Make sure your Program of Study is accurate (go to “Change Specializations and Minors” in MyOleMiss if you aren’t sure). Do this BEFORE May 15, as it can be more difficult to make changes in the system after the university begins its first orientation session.
  2. If your current Program of Study is “Undeclared,” “Chinese,” or something you no longer plan to do: change it immediately. This will insure that you are able to meet with an advisor at your orientation without any rescheduling or other inconveniences. If you truly plan on having Chinese as your only major (very rare among Flagship students), or if your other programs are not actually majors (like ROTC & security studies, which are minors), then keep Chinese as your intended major. Otherwise, it’s better to get advising for your other majors during orientation. We will have ample opportunity to advise you, and you can look over our advising page ( and share it with your advisor(s) during orientation. Also, our professors tend to be out of the country in the summer, so you would only be able to get general advising from a non-Chinese Modern Languages professor. Again, do this BEFORE May 15.
  3. If you are hesitating to add something as your second major and instead planning to minor in it because you’re just not sure you can handle all its requirements on top of Chinese Flagship, it would be a good idea to go ahead and set it as your major and get advised by their faculty during orientation. Very often, when students make assumptions about what is possible or impossible without trying it out, getting fully informed, and/or talking to current students who are already doing it, they miss the window in which they could start down that road … or they pay for many more winter, summer, and other intersessions trying to fit in extra classes. Every year there are students who are un-pleasantly surprised to learn that there are a handful of students who are doing all the things they originally wanted to do but chose not to simply because they thought it wasn’t possible. Not everyone is suited for this, but we have a recent graduate who successfully completed Honors, Croft, Chinese Flagship, CISS (security studies), and Air Force ROTC. If you are worried about turning a minor into a second major, there’s a good chance you can, especially if you have that as your goal from the first day of fall, freshman year (or earlier if you place out of our summer program or want to come for May or August intersession). Again, do this BEFORE May 15.
  4. If you really aren’t sure about another major or program to do, or if you can’t narrow down your interests, you should keep (or switch to) “Chinese.” This will insure that you get good general advising during orientation for liberal arts requirements and general courses. You can also contact the Center for Student Success and First-Year Experience (, who have advisors well-versed in all majors and how to best explore them. Do not hesitate to contact us in Flagship starting now with any questions or concerns you might have about your interests and how to combine them with Flagship. We can easily compare your interests with the many, many students who have gone before you and in many cases, put you in touch with students (and alums) who may have already proven that your plans are possible.
  5. Jennifer Phillips, the Assistant Director for Retention & Instructor at the Center for Student Success and First-Year Experience asked that we list her by name so that you can call or email at any time during the spring or summer:(662) 915-5970
    jenn@olemiss.eduYou can also visit her during orientation, when you have gaps in your schedule. During all orientation sessions, she is at the front desk of their office to meet with anyone who comes by.
  6. For those (most) of you with another major, we will make sure that you add Chinese as a major after orientation. If possible, we will work with the university to get it added alongside your other major; otherwise, we will instruct you on how to get it added by visiting the Liberal Arts office once you are on campus.

When you are ready, please submit this short Google form for our records:

Your Intended Majors, Minors, Programs, etc.