Tuition Charge Notification

After you have been registered for classes, you will receive a bill for tuition, housing, etc. from the Bursar’s office. This charge will appear online ( as well in your bursar’s account. If you have linked a bank account to your bursar’s account, payments can be made electronically.

Most UM scholarships cannot be applied to summer sessions, but a few can. If you are the child of a UM faculty member, for example, your summer tuition will be reduced. If you are the child of a UM alum, your scholarship may apply for summer session as well, if your scholarships can cover more than cost of attendance for fall and spring semesters. Most other scholarships will not apply. Check with Financial Aid if you have doubts.

If you choose to pay the full balance before the charges are due, you will be able to transfer any scholarship credits from your bursar’s account directly into your own checking account when it posts, as long as you have linked the two accounts.