Important Links

Below is info for each stage of your Flagship career.

Preparing for Each Term
  • New Admits

    (preparing for Summer at Ole Miss, Summer at Shanghai, and Fall of Freshman Year)
    Admits Page

  • Summer – CHIN 111 & 112

    (same link as above)

  • Fall – CHIN 211

  • Spring CHIN 212

  • Shanghai Summer – CHIN 215

    (same link as above)

  • Fall – CHIN 313

    CET Prep (scholarships, etc.) &/or Semester Abroad

  • Spring CHIN 314

  • Second Summer – CET

  • Fall – CHIN 417

    Preparing for Capstone (also taking 450?), planning to work for StarTalk or Flagship next summer?

  • Spring – CHIN 418

    More Capstone Prep (also taking 450?)

  • Open Summer

    Internships, Working as a Flagship Tutor or StarTalk Tutor/Counselor

  • Fall – CHIN 513

    Preparing Capstone Application (also taking 450 or 550?), planning to work for StarTalk or Flagship next summer?

  • Spring CHIN 512

    Capstone Exams, App Submission, Hearing Back, Applying to Graduate (also taking 450 or 550?)

  • Open Summer

    Internships, Working as a Flagship Tutor or StarTalk Tutor/Counselor

  • Capstone – Fall

  • Capstone – Spring

Flagship Ambassador Program
  • GroupMe Groups (by Major, Interest, etc.)
    • 1 groupme for all accepted flagship students: This group me will be for the students who are interested to communicate with people that could possibly be in their new cohort, and to ask students questions without the presence of a teacher. One student from each cohort will be in these group me’s to help answer any of these questions.
    • 1 groupme for the new cohort (committed students only)- If the incoming student is joining another cohort, they will be added into that group me. This group me will have 1 sophomore representative in it, who will be willing to answer questions, update the cohort on upcoming events, and provide them with a mentor to ease their transition into the program.
    • Multiple group me’s for the majors that Chinese Flagship students also participate in (ex. STEM, Croft, Accounting). The link to join these group me’s will be posted, so if the student would like to be in this group me, they can join themselves. These group me’s will be for every cohort so that younger students can ask older students questions and get to know each other better.
    • GroupMe Groups

  • Database
    • Airtable
    • Will be used to input information about the flagship students in ALL cohorts. Full questionnaire will be taken as a freshman, including interests, high school involvement, and intended major/ programs they are involved in, in order to better connect them with current people in flagship. Current student’s profiles will be updated as they participate in specific programs, as to keep track of who can provide information for which programs.
    • The representatives from each cohort will have access to this database.

  • UM Flagship Intern Positions
    • Outreach Interns
      • Each cohort will have an UM Flagship Outreach Interns who will be included in the accepted students group chat. They will answer questions, and if unable to answer, will find people who can (through the database). The representative from the freshman class will be included in the new cohort group me of committed students. He/she will serve as the bridge between the freshman and the rest of the flagship to answer questions, update on events, and mentor the new cohort.

    • Flagship Ambassadors
      • There will also be UM Flagship Ambassadors who are willing to reach out to prospective students after their acceptance {Margaret recommended giving community service hours for writing letters}. Tell a little bit about themselves, a little about the program, (take the croft outline for example)

    • UM Flagship Audio-Visual Intern
      • Will create and edit videos, take photos, and document our events to be put on our social media platforms or websites.
      • This person will work in conjunction with the Social Media Intern to create intrigue and keep our flagship updated.

    • UM Flagship Social Media Intern
      • Will help run social media platforms to keep our flagship updated on current events, upcoming speakers, and pictures from our events.
      • This will be important for creating interest and keeping alumni updated on the doings of the UM flagship program.
      • This person/people will also help keep our website up to date.

    • Documentation and Maintenance
      • Needed– an excel spreadsheet with name, name the student goes by, and address of all accepted students. One for early application and one for regular decision. Students will write the letter, put it in a provided envelope and address it. They can then give it to a representative to fill in return address and send it out to the student. (this is how Croft does it, they have found it to be simple and effective)

Other Special Categories