Pre-departure briefings

Here is the page for Shanghai:
On that page are instructions for getting flights and visas, but there are a few considerations.
1) If you can tell me which airport you would likely fly from.
c) If you haven’t done so already, SIGN YOUR PASSPORT on the page opposite your photo (there’s a line for it).
d) Scan/photograph vitals page of passport and email to Nate ASAP.  We will need to provide this to Shanghai University so they can generate a document needed for your visa application, and it can take them several days (or longer) to do so.

3) start the change of term instructions found on our admits page (  It’s under the section for things to do shortly after committing -> students taking any courses this summer.

4) You will then need to complete the UM Study Abroad applications.  Instructions are included on the Shanghai page (  There’s a good chance that we’ll need to work with Study Abroad to get you access, so please let me know after you attempt to access the application on their website.
5) Finally, you’ll need to submit the UM Summer Financial Aid form.  In the same section as above (“To Complete Shortly After Committing …”), there’s another subsection for students receiving scholarships this summer.  FYI, she will be billed all tuition and fees for the summer via her UM bursar’s account.  Taking into account all of these charges, plus the cost of the flights, students are expected to need to pay $3,500 out of their own funds (the estimate for airfare is $1,750, although there can be a wide variation in costs above and below that).
Please call me on my cell (662-801-4216) tomorrow if you have any questions.