External Fall / Spring Scholarships

Flagship scholarships cannot be used toward semester programs

  • ROTC


      • (Still) considering ROTC?
      • Contracted in ROTC, or contracting by mid spring?
    • Students who have contracted in Army or Air Force ROTC are eligible (read “guaranteed”) for large semester scholarships. For summers, they are eligible for full scholarships, covering all programmatic costs for approved summer programs, including tuition and fees, airfare, visa application fees, and meals.
      See ROTC page for more info.

  • National Security


  • Honors College

    Students in the Honors College may be eligible for an Honors Fellowship.
    Important considerations:

    • Priority has been given to upperclassmen
    • More money has been given for a semester than a summer
    • Students have been eligible for no more than 2 terms (2 summers, summer + 1 semester, fall & spring, etc.)
      We consider it wise to wait and apply for Capstone, as this is the time when you can receive the most funding
    • BEGIN EARLY! Basic timeline: inquire with the Honors College one year in advance of your intended travel.
    • Not everyone receives the awards or receives the same amount.
    • Those with demonstrable financial need have received the award more consistently.
    • See Honors fellowships page for more info.

    Honors College Main Page

  • UM Study Abroad Office


    • UM Study Abroad has awarded supplemental scholarships to Flagship students over the years. These are usually between $100 and $500 dollars, but some have been combined. Overall, you should not rely solely on these scholarships to fund an entire summer.
    • See Study Abroad Scholarships page for more info.

    Study Abroad Main Page

  • Self-Funding


    • Working on campus

      • Eligible for work study?

        • If you are interested in working for Flagship, please let us know. Work study students cost the department so little that we can probably use you for a number of projects, most likely related to outreach.
        • If you would prefer to work elsewhere, make sure that you

          • Complete everything recommended by UM Financial Aid (link below), and
          • Be proactive.

            1. Talk to older students and professors about good jobs that might interest you and be relevant to your long-term goals
            2. Visit in person any faculty or staff members who do research or otherwise run projects or programs that would interest you

            3. Visit in person any offices or departments that are related to your academic and/or career goals and ask them if they have work or know of anyone who might need help. Make sure to mention that you are eligible for work study and should cost the department very little to hire.
            4. Visit in person any offices or departments that are unrelated to your academic and/or career goals and ask the same question.
          • Consider your job hunt to be a multi-step process. After initial contact, do as follows:

            1. Expect their first response to be lukewarm at best.
            2. Thank them, and ask for an email address. Tell them you will write, just in case they think of something later.
            3. Make sure you actually write the email. It will be much more effective if you write it within hours of meeting them. Not writing them when you said you would is worse than never asking. Why would they recommend someone who has already established a track record of not following through?
            4. Expect silence. If they don’t respond, or if they just say they’ll contact you if they hear of anything, go visit them in person again, approximately 1 week after your first visit and tell them you don’t mean to to be a bother, but you just want to demonstrate how motivated you are to work for them should they hear of anything.
        • Be sure to review UM Work Study page.
      • NOT Eligible for work study?

        • Many on-campus jobs are filled by non-work study students.
        • Follow all the same suggestions above.
    • Working off campus

      • Some students have found employment around town. Talk to older students and ask them what they recommend.
      • Flagship recommends that you consider your workload and hours when accepting work, particularly if the hours keep you up very late or otherwise disrupt your life balance.
      • If your grades start dipping, consider whether your job is demanding too many hours, or simply the wrong hours for you to succeed.
      • It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally a student has had to drop out of Flagship because they overextended themselves with part-time work.