First Summer abroad: Policies & Scholarships

Important Requirements

  • All Flagship students must attend our Taiwan Program

    (unless they enter Flagship in CHIN 313 or higher)

  • Students Are Eligible For Both Mandatory Summers Abroad
    • Scholarships for non-ROTC Flagship students attending Taiwan are funded by the University of Mississippi
      This keeps UM Flagship students eligible for federal Language Flagship scholarship funds towards the following summer’s programming.
    • The UM Scholarship funding only applies to CHIN 215 (Taiwan). If, as an incoming freshman you placed beyond CHIN 215, you remain eligible for the same federal funds as your starting cohort, but you do not carry forward any eligibility for the UM scholarship funds that your classmates received for CHIN 215.
    • Flagship students are eligible for one single summer abroad of federal Flagship funds (at an approved Flagship program). If you do not go abroad in the summer after our 300 level, you may receive Flagship funds for the summer after 400 level.
      * Federal Flagship funds are always subject to availability and not to be considered an entitlement.
  • All Flagship students must return to China after CHIN 314

    Or achieve the equivalent proficiency gains, before continuing on to the 400 level of Flagship
    Our Flagship students keep their eligibility to receive up to $5,000 in scholarship funds from The Language Flagship toward this “second summer” abroad.
    These scholarship funds may only be used for an approved summer program.
    If you wish to go to China for a semester instead, you will have to find other funding sources.

  • Full, Unlimited Scholarships for Contracted ROTC Students

    Contracted ROTC students may receive the scholarships described below in multiple summers.
    If you are in ROTC but not (yet) contracted, only the “regular” Flagship scholarship structure applies.

  • Regular Flagship Students

    All UM Chinese Flagship students who complete CHIN 212 in compliance with the Flagship Standard are awarded the scholarship below.

    • Award Details

      • Item


        NCC University Tuition & Fees $3,000
        UM Tuition & Fees* $2,800
        SA Application Fee $100
        SA Safety Mobile App Fee $10
        SA Mandatory Travel Insurance $84
        Approx. Airfare** $1,500
        Approximate Total ≈$7,500
        Approximate Scholarship ≈$4,000
        Final Student Contribution*** ≈$3,500

        * UM Tuition and fees include the salary of our Flagship resident director – an absolutely essential element in the success of the overseas program

        ** Airfare can be as low as $1,200 or as much as, or more than $2,000. The average in recent years, however, will likely be around $1,250 (unless you are a contracted ROTC student or someone else receiving federal funding and required to fly on American carriers only)

        *** The final student contribution does NOT take into account food costs (the assumption is that you would be paying for food if you were home, and probably spending considerably more than you would in China).

        NOTE: The costs above are subject to change. We publish them here so you can see how costs have broken down in the most recent year.

  • Flagship Students Contracted in ROTC (or contracting by mid spring)


    • Award Coverage

      • All Tuition & Fees

        These include those of the host institution and UM Study Abroad

      • Airfare of up to $2,000 (on U.S. carrier)

        These must comply with the Fly America Act

        • All legs of your flight must have the flight number of an American carrier, such as American, Delta, United, etc.
        • Your American carrier flight(s) must go all the way to China.You can have a stop-over in Japan or South Korea, for example, but you can’t fly to Japan or Korea and then switch to a non-U.S. airline (even if you wanted to pay for it yourself).If you wanted to visit Japan, Korea, etc. before or after your program dates, you would want to buy a separate round-trip ticket that departs and returns to China with dates that fall inside your trans-Pacific itinerary.
      • Meal Stipend

        The meal stipend worth approximately $14 per day for the duration of the program & pre- and post-travel dates (roughly 57 days)

      • Visa Fees

        No visas are currently required for American citizens spending less than 3 months in Taiwan.

    • Special Requirements for ROTC-Flagship Scholarship Recipients

      1. Your ROTC commander must confirm with us (UMCLFP) in writing in early spring that you have already contracted in ROTC or will be contracted in ROTC by mid April of the coming year (the month before your departure to the program).
      2. All legs of all flights on your itinerary must be on American carriers (i.e., in compliance with the Fly America Act). More details specific to Flagship-ROTC scholarship recipients are given in the airfare purchasing section below.

  • Requirements of All CHIN 215 Scholarship Recipients


    1. You must be in compliance with our Academic Standard
    2. You must complete all administrative tasks, such as the following in a timely fashion:
      • Obtaining / updating your passport.
      • Completing the online portion of the Financial Aid application and paying the required fee (approx. $110)
      • Filling out the signed Course Approval Form (provided by us), dropping it off at Liberal Arts, and then delivering it to the Study Abroad Office several days later (but before the SA application deadline)
      • Completing the Summer Financial Aid application
      • Submitting your flight itinerary to us (both the Shanghai resident director and Nate)

      With the exception of the passport, these steps will come due in early or mid spring and are listed within the Year 1 Spring sections of this site.
      Feel free to look ahead.