Year 4 & Capstone

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Spring-CHIN 512 (&/or 450)

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Summer-CHIN ???

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Preferences for CHIN 417


  • Overview

    • Flagship Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad after CHIN 314. Students who do not advance their Chinese during the summer between CHIN 314 & CHIN 417 will find themselves far less proficient than their classmates who do. In some cases, students are unable to keep up and eventually leave the program or drop down a level.Important: if we are giving you a scholarship, or if you are receiving any summer scholarship from the university, you must
        1. apply to Study Abroad by their deadline in early March, starting well in advance of the deadline in order to gather all necessary materials (some programs, such as Princeton in Beijing, do not have a formal relationship with our SA office and will not require that you apply. In turn, you will not need to pay any SA fees but will not earn any credits)
        2. complete the online Financial Aid summer scholarships form, which becomes available at the end of March or beginning of April.

    Approved Programs

    • Recommended Programs

      • Below is a list of programs that we recommend, based mainly on the proficiency gains attained by past participants:
        CET Harbin
        Visit the site here.
        ICLP-Taiwan (Flagship option)
        Application Deadline: Jan. 16 (2015)
        Visit the site here.
        Princeton In Beijing – You CANNOT receive Flagship scholarship funds toward PIB. It has no affiliation with our Study Abroad office, and therefore, you cannot be registered or have scholarships processed through the Financial Aid office, which is a requirement of Flagship. Only attend PIB if you are interested and not eligible for, or interested in, Flagship scholarship funding this summer.
  • Example Letter:

    This is a reminder that the deadline to accept your offer for the Capstone program in Nanjing, China is today, Monday, April 8 at 11:59PM EST. Additionally, the website system will be down for maintenance from 9:30PM Eastern Time to 10:30PM Eastern Time.

    Please review the acceptance package online using the same Capstone application credentials: