Change Your Term of Entry

STOP.  Have you successfully signed up for orientation and fall housing?

Don’t submit your change of term form until you are certain your orientation and housing submissions were successful. More info below‡.

This process is necessary for all students beginning in the summer. Fall entry is the default for all new students.

All students who have studied Chinese before need to confirm with us where/when they will begin in the program before proceeding. Only true beginners should assume that they can or must begin in Summer Session I.

IMPORTANT: BEFORE SUBMITTING, TAKE A SCREEN SHOT so you can prove that you entered the correct academic year and term.


  • Visit
  • Without logging in, find and submit the Change of Campus/Major/Turn Form under the ADMISSIONS heading in one of the panes in the middle of the page.
  • After filling out the visible fields, more options will appear, including, “Do you wish to change your application/admission term?,” to which you will click “yes.”
  • Then, where it says, “Please change my application/admission term from:” put “Fall” of 2022-23
  • Those taking summer courses will change their entry as follows:

    Those starting from the beginning

    CHIN 111 : First Summer Session of 2021-22 (not 2022-23*)

    Those who placed into the second half of the summer

    CHIN 112 : Second Summer Session of 2021-22 (not 2022-23*)

  • * Note: make sure to change the academic year to 2021-22, as summer courses are included in the preceding school year. IF YOU ENTER THIS INCORRECTLY, IT CAN BE VERY DIFFICULT TO FIND AND FIX
  • UM StarTalk / UM Summer College Alums: when asked if you have been enrolled at Ole Miss before, put “yes”.
‡Changing your term before or during those processes can block your access to those registration systems.  If you find that you are unable to access these systems, or if some/all options seem to be missing, check to see whether your term of entry was submitted successfully and whether it is correct (it should be the academic year PRIOR to your UM freshman year).  If you believe your term of entry is the problem, re-submit the term of entry form BACK to the default (your UM freshman year), then complete the Orientation and Fall Housing forms, and then re-submit your term of entry form according to the instructions above.  NOTE: changing your term of entry will take several business days, and due to the complexity of the system and the chance for further disruptions to your administrative statuses, the Admissions staff will be unable to override the system to expedite the change.

When you are ready, please submit this short Google form for our records:

Change of Term Confirmation