CHIN 215 – Going Early or Staying Late

Important: are you receiving federal funding (i.e., a contracted ROTC student)?

students receiving federal Flagship funding MUST return to the U.S. within one week of the program end date (for CHIN 215, this us usually only applies to contracted ROTC students, but check with us if you have any doubts).

Thinking about arriving or leaving days or weeks before or after the program start date(s)?

  • If your parent(s) would like to spend time with you in China, consider planning a trip together immediately after our program dates.
  • Some students group together and take a sight-seeing trip to destinations in mainland China and/or Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, etc.
  • Some students have been to China in the past and already have friends they wish to visit.

Again, this usually works better after our summer dates.

Our summer program is very intensive. There is an organized trip to Taipei (and other areas), but you will have less opportunity than typical of a study abroad program to do any other exploring during the program dates. It will be easier to stay motivated while completing all you assignments if you’ve got something fun to look forward to.

If you have plans after the program, you may consider whether you can make use of the weeks leading up to our program start date.  Make sure that your plans do not require too much strenuous activity or sleep deprivation.  You definitely want to be fresh for the program start.