Program Costs & Scholarships

The relatively low tuition rates, along with the automatic, merit-based scholarships and selective specialized programs, are one of the main draws for our student, both residents and non-residents.

Still, Flagship is not free. Here is the breakdown of the stages that will add to the overall cost of your undergraduate education:

  • Pre-Freshman Summer at Ole Miss ≈ $300 – $5,000 (housing & tuition)
    • The pre-freshman summer amount includes tuition and housing, but not food.  Our pre-freshman summer scholarships follow the same principle as the university’s Academic Merit scholarships.  They are based heavily on high school grades and test scores.  Those with exceptionally high grades and scores may pay as little as $150 per session.  Those with substantially lower grades and/or test scores may pay full, or near-full freight (see links below for summer costs).
    • These are targets based on funding levels and the typical makeup of our accepted student pool.  The rates may fluctuate depending on available funds and the number of committed students but should remain fairly consistent. NOTE: These estimates assume a student opts to participate in JumpStart (see related section).
      • Tuition, Housing, & Meal Plan Sites:
        • Summer Tuition Page
          • Our Domestic Summer Program consists of CHIN 111 (5 credits) & CHIN 112 (5 credits).
          • If you are starting from the beginning of the summer, look at the row corresponding to 10 total credits; if you are starting in CHIN 112, look at row for 5.
          • Look at the “Residents” column if you are a Mississippi resident and the “Total” (far right) column if you are not.
        • Summer Housing Page
          • Scroll down to the Summer Housing table.
          • Our Domestic Summer Program consists of Summer-1 & Summer-2.
          • By default, you will pay for a double room for each session (students starting in CHIN 112 pay for only Summer-2, unless they choose to come to Summer-1 to take other, non-Flagship courses).
          • There is a good chance that you will have another Flagship student as a roommate if you complete the housing registration process at the prescribed times.
          • You will have to work with housing to request a single room, if desired, and you would have to pay the increased fees.
      • UM Meal Plan Site
        • Summer meal plans may not appear on this site until mid April.
        • Costs differ widely from student to student (in recent years, they ranged from $400 to $1,200).
  • Post-Freshman Summer at UM Taiwan Program ≈ $4k
    • Because we run it ourselves, the post-freshman summer has a reduced cost (≈ $3,500 including airfare). Each participant receives ≈ $3k in scholarship funds (subject to availability).
  • Post-Sophomore Summer in China or Taiwan ≈ $5k
    • The post-sophomore summer could cost $0 if a student applies successfully for certain programs or scholarships, but they are hard to come by and should be thought of as basically a lottery. Programs often cost up to $10k, including airfare, but we offer a scholarship to each student for ≈ $5k (subject to availability).
  • The Capstone Year ≈ $0
    • The Capstone year could potentially cost nothing. The University of Mississippi is committed to insuring that cost is never the reason that a student would opt out of Capstone. Without this commitment, Capstone could cost a student up to nearly $8k after The Language Flagship program’s generous federal funding. Important: regardless of funding, it is highly recommended that students interested in competing for highly impactful jobs in the federal government apply for a Boren Scholarship. These jobs are often very competitive, and Boren recipients have a distinct advantage in securing one.

There are additional scholarships for study abroad, some of which are listed on our university’s Study Abroad site, but they tend to be partial.

Students who can demonstrate financial need based on their FAFSA submission are eligible for additional funding through our department and also from certain external scholarship sources, so get in touch with us early if you fall in this category. Flagship is not free, but it should not seem so burdensome as to preclude most students from participating.

As for 4-year scholarships, please refer to our detailed scholarship lists below for a good estimate of how much you can expect to pay (or be paid) as an undergraduate at Ole Miss:

Tuition & Scholarship Info Page