Registering for Flagship Courses in Fall

In the fall, Flagship students usually begin in CHIN 211. Those who place higher may be in CHIN 313 or CHIN 417. Most Flagship courses are blocked so that non-Flagship students will not sign up for them by mistake. Also, if there are two sections of a course, we prefer that you give your preferences in advance and allow us to split the sections evenly. By default, we will register everyone manually for their fall courses at the end of Second Summer Session, or earlier, if everyone has completed orientation.

NOTE: You can always see what sections are available by checking the Course Schedule in Just log in and search for “Course Schedule.”

Please do try to determine early which section you will need/prefer.

Important note: Do not assume that you will receive your preference. Classes must be small and balanced for students to advance at a maximum pace. Because of the demanding pre- and co-requisites of some students' majors, we must offer an early morning section of several classes. In order to achieve balance, we often have to collect students' preferences, accommodate as many of them as possible, and then manually assign some students to the less-preferred section. Decisions are made based on a) course requirements, b) class size balance, c) past hardship (i.e., who has had to take the morning section in previous semesters) and d) personal preference (i.e., "I learn less effectively in an 8am class"). Note that we do NOT take into account your registration window. Some students feel that it is unfair that they have to take the less preferred section when they have registration priority due to Honors status or class standing. These are examples of individualism that we value and promote in the West but which take a far lower priority in Chinese culture (See the "Cultural Expectations" near the top of this page for more details). What might be most "fair" for you personally would not necessarily be most helpful to the group.

Important: do not fill this form out in advance.  The fall course times have not yet been set.

When you are ready, please submit this short Google form for our records:

Fall Flagship Course Preferences Form