Sign Up for Summer Housing (Beginning April 1)

NOTE: You may want to try to connect with other Chinese Flagship students via our GroupMe groups in advance so that you can sign up for summer housing at the same time.  We cannot easily manage this for you because students commit to the program over a broad time period.  This is not required, but it may help you get off on the right foot.  If you are randomly assigned a roommate, they may spend far less time studying and create a distraction for you.  If needed, it is possible to work with Housing to request a roommate change after the summer is underway.

You will need to submit the Summer Housing Online Application Form for “Summer 1st Term” and/or “Summer 2nd Term” (submit both if you are attending both sessions).

MAKE SURE TO TAKE SCREEN SHOTS of all relevant pages, including WHICH SESSIONS you have signed up for.

Read ALL instructions carefully, as the necessary buttons are not always big, brightly colored, and in the middle of the page. To begin, go to the UM Housing Page beginning April 1, when the application becomes available.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but this dual application process is the most straight-forward way for Housing to process summer students. Despite the dual application process, you can expect to occupy the same room during both sessions. We cannot determine who your roommate might be at this time, but late in the semester, when the new cohort is complete, we will collaborate with Housing to place as many of you as possible with Flagship roommates. Hence the importance of confirming with us that you have completed the application(s).

You can find which dorm you will be living in on the same site.
Elsewhere on the site, you can find more information on what to bring. The Housing website also includes their phone number, if you have more questions.

Summer Housing Move-In and Move-out dates are listed along with the session dates in the “Review Summer Dates” section below (under “Students Taking CHIN 111 and/or CHIN 112 This Summer”).

Summer participants should expect to be in a different dorm for fall semester. Regardless, all summer residents must move themselves and their belongings out of the dorms by the SS2 move-out date. They will therefore need to think about where to keep their belongings during the weeks between the end of your summer Flagship courses and the beginning of fall semester.
In the past, students have been known to rent a storage unit together and split the costs. Such units are abundant in and around Oxford.

Since summer housing and fall housing are different, the applications are also different. After getting to know each other in the summer, some Flagship students choose to room together in the fall. You may, and should, fill out the fall housing application now, without waiting until you’ve found a roommate. The date you submit the housing application will determine your level of priority for being granted your preferred freshman dorm.

When you are ready, please submit this short Google form for our records:

Summer Housing Application Submission Confirmation Form