Submit a Summer Financial Aid Application

  • The summer financial aid application will become available late March, but DO NOT FILL IT OUT UNTIL WE PROMPT YOU.
    You must be registered for the right number of credits, which we must do with the help of other administrative offices, and only after you have confirmed your term of entry as summer (Fall is the default).
  • If we are offering you a scholarship of any amount this summer (we may or may not have made awards when you first read this), or if you wish to apply for any other funds through the university’s financial aid office, you need to fill out the summer financial aid application. The main reason for doing so is NOT to request funding, but rather to get you into the FA office’s system so that we can disburse the scholarship funds we have already committed to you via your bursar’s account. It is the same form, however, that is used to request other forms of scholarship, so you can do that, if you like, at the same time.IMPORTANT: You must be taking at least 6 hours/credits over the summer in order to be eligible for many forms of financial aid, such as grants and loans, but there is no minimum for the type of scholarships provided by our program.CHIN 111 in Summer Session 1 is a 5-hour course, as is CHIN 112 in Summer Session 2. While we do not allow Chinese Flagship students to take another course in the same session that they are taking CHIN 111 or 112, students only joining us for CHIN 112 could reach the 6-hour minimum by taking additional summer classes in Summer Session 1 as well as May and/or August Intersessions. Again, reaching the minimum would only be useful in applying for outside scholarships and loans; it has no effect on eligibility for any scholarships we award you through our Flagship program.
  • Note: the instructions and descriptions below may not reflect the most recent updates to the form. If you find any discrepancies, please contact us immediately so that we can update this section for you and other members of the cohort.
  • Note: Filling out this form incorrectly is the MOST COMMON CAUSE of scholarship delays. Since there is no way to access your submission, TAKE SCREEN SHOTS so we can troubleshoot any missing scholarships.
  1. Log in to
  2. Search for “Summer Financial Aid Application”
  3. Enter the CORRECT academic year. **This will be the current year (2021-22) and NOT the upcoming academic year (2022-23)**
  4. Enter the form as an undergraduate; not a graduate student.
  5. Next Page: Complete the “checklist” (only those that apply).
  6. Check the bottom box:
    “I have read and understand the Summer School Notice.”
    Despite the suggestion on the application, you DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER for summer classes. The Chinese Flagship Program registers all its (applicable) students for their summer classes, but not until later in May, when the Chinese Flagship roster is complete. Note that YOU DO NOT NEED to fill out a FAFSA for summer in order to receive scholarship funding from OUR program. If you are hoping to receive loans or OTHER forms of financial aid, however, you DO need to complete this extra FAFSA. Apart from loans, financial aid for the summer is rather limited. See the “Tuition Charge Notification” section for more information on the availability of summer scholarships.
  7. Next Page: Check that your info is correct.
  8. Next page: fill out each question with the answers shown:
    • 1.** This summer, I plan to be a/an (please select one):
    • 2.** I would like to be considered for federal loans…:
      [check “no” unless you are indeed expecting a pell grant or other federal funding. While Chinese Flagship is a federal program, for Financial Aid’s purposes, its scholarship funding is considered “departmental.”]
    • 3.** Additionally I will be applying for the following this summer: [check any that apply (not required for Flagship)]
    • 4.** I also have the following special classification for summer (check all that apply):
      Select JumpStart if you have successfully signed up; otherwise, but “None of the Above”
    • 5.** These are the five terms of enrollment during Summer:
      I will be enrolled in the following number of credit hours for the session(s) listed below:
      [5] CREDIT HOURS for First Summer Session (or 0, if you are starting in CHIN 112 in SS2)
      [5] CREDIT HOURS for Second Summer Session
    • 6.** I will attend these classes at the following location(s):Oxford
    • 7. I have scholarship eligibility as noted below (Check only the ones that apply):
      [It is to your advantage to check any that apply to you, but none are necessary for Flagship purposes.]
    • 8. In addition to any aid programs listed above or any grant eligibility which will be awarded automatically (e.g. Pell), I may be eligible to receive, I am anticipating funds from the following sources ….[Flagship Support – enter the total we list in your award letter.]

After attempting to submit this application, if you believe your registration status is preventing you from completing this, or any other administrative tasks, please contact us ( / 662-915-7298).

When you are ready, please submit this short Google form for our records:

Financial Aid Summer Scholarships Submission Confirmation Form