Summer Parking

If you are bringing your car this summer, you will need a parking permit.

Incoming Freshmen

Getting a parking permit is a relatively painless, though somewhat costly, process.
Assuming you are living in campus housing, you will be required to buy a residential parking pass (most likely for West Residential), which will cost roughly $50 and require you to park in a specific lot near your dorm. This pass will be good through the end of the summer. You will have to buy a separate pass for the academic year.
See the UM Dept of Parking & Transportation for more information.
If you are not given the option of purchasing a pass online before your arrival, don’t panic. Students don’t have any trouble getting a pass when they first arrive. The Parking office has guest parking in front, so you can quickly and conveniently obtain a pass (during business hours).

Returning Ole Miss Students

Your permit should still be active. Summer sessions are part of the previous academic year, so as long as you had a permit for fall and spring, you shouldn’t need a new one.
If you did not have a permit already, you should be able to get a prorated commuter pass for less than $20, which will allow you to park in any commuter-designated spot on campus. You will have to buy a separate pass for the upcoming academic year.