Course Approval Form


To insure that you and Study Abroad are on the same page about what credits you intend to earn this summer.


This form is normally downloaded from the Study Abroad website as part of the online application.

We provide it to you as a hard copy so that you won’t have to bring them individually to our director to sign.

There is therefore NO NEED to download the form when you complete the rest of the online SA application.


Step 1

Determine if you will be earning anything more than the regular number of credits this summer.
Who this may apply to:

Students hoping to qualify for loans or Pell Grants may need more than the 5 credits we offer to meet the full / part time minimums (check with Financial Aid as early as you can)

Students benefiting from the G.I. bill

If this applies to you:

Talk to us immediately about additional coursework that you may need to take via Modern Languages in order to meet your minimums.
We will advise you on what additional course(s) will need to appear on your Course Approval form.

Step 2

Collect a pre-filled, pre-signed Course Approval form from us.
It will include your required course credits and Dr. Yang’s signature.
This will prevent you from having to meet with her individually.

Step 3

Fill out the rest of the form with your information.

Step 4

Get any additional signatures from other departments (this only applies if you need to earn additional credits. It will apply to almost no one in the first summer abroad).

Step 5

Drop the document off at Liberal Arts (first floor of Ventress Hall, right next to Croft).

Step 6

Return 2 or 3 business days later and collect your signed form

Step 7

Take the signed form to Study Abroad on the 3rd floor of Martindale and submit it.

Please submit this short Google form for our records:

Course Approval SubmissionForm