Year 1 & 1st Summer Abroad

Winter Break


Relax / Decompress

As with any rigorous endeavor, down time is extremely important to sustain your efforts in the future. Even if you take a class, travel, or pursue other interests over the break, make sure you do take the time to catch up on sleep and otherwise let your mind and body recharge for next semester.

Maintain your Chinese proficiency

Don’t let your proficiency completely slide. Look over flashcards or other materials on a regular basis … although with a significant interval between. Again, you want to avoid fatigue and burnout.

Take a Winter Session class to ..
  • pursue an interest, or try out a potential new major
  • re-take a class or otherwise improve a weak GPA
  • spread out your coursework so you can focus on your primary courses during the semesters
  • prepare to go abroad for a semester (or more), where certain courses you’ll need that semester might be missing

Visit Ole Miss Outreach Intersession Page.

Take a trip?

  • You’ll be spending a lot of time in East Asia in the next 4 years.
    If you have the means, go somewhere else.
  • Know anyone who has already been or is already going (i.e., a Croft student)?
    You may find a travel companion and/or a place to stay.
  • You can always go through Study Abroad.
    Some programs are much more focused on the experience than on a rigorous curriculum, and you won’t have to figure out housing, insurance, etc.