Year 3 & 3rd Summer Abroad

Fall – CHIN 418



Locate your passport

Your passport must be valid through next August (after you are to return from Taiwan), or longer, if you intend to study abroad next fall.  You will need to have copies, if not your actual passport, on campus at the beginning of spring semester so that you will be ready to submit a copy to Study Abroad and to our overseas site.

Avoid any chance of missing our deadline by locating your passport and taking any steps to make sure it comes back to campus with you (if necessary) at the end of winter break.
Set up a reminder on your phone if necessary.

Check Your Grades

Once all grades are in, check to make sure that your fall grades have met the Flagship Academic Standard.
We will write you over the break to let you know if there is any change to your status (i.e., probation/dismissal), but it is a good idea for you to check yourself as well.

Get Feedback On Your Proficiency

Students are expected to reach Intermediate Mid (IM) in speaking, listening, and reading, by mid April.

If your instructors believe you are behind the curve in your language gains, you will want to dedicate more of your winter break to catching up.

See “Language Maintenance” in Winter Break section below.

Check External Scholarship Deadlines

Once again re-check application timelines for any external scholarships you may want to apply to: External Summer Scholarships Page