Year 3 & 3rd Summer Abroad

Spring – CHIN 417


Annual Speech Contest

Every spring, in early April, the UM Chinese Flagship program holds a speech contest.
A visiting speaker is invited. This is usually a prominent person in the field of language pedagogy.
The speaker, along with other Chinese speakers, usually from the university, are selected to serve as a panel of judges.
Students are selected from each cohort to deliver prepared speeches, which must be drafted, shown to teachers, edited, and then rehearsed, before ultimately performing them on the day of the event.
All students are required to attend this event.

Food will be provided.
Consider bringing a container in case there are left-overs that you would like to take home.
Please ask friends to attend, particularly if they speak, are studying, or plan to study Chinese.

Usually, each cohort is assigned responsibilities related to the set-up, break-down, or running of the event.

Spring Proficiency Exams

Spring proficiency exams take place in mid- or late April. See Tasks section for more info.