Year 3 & 3rd Summer Abroad

Spring – CHIN 417



Progress to Date



Toward Major

CHIN 111 5
CHIN 112 5
CHIN 211 5
Total 15* 0**

* Subtract credits for any courses you skipped
** Courses begin counting on the 300 level (usually fall of sophomore year, or CHIN 313 for Flagship students)

Most Flagship students will earn 10 credits in Year 2, 9 credits in 2nd Summer Abroad, 10 Credits in Year 3, and between 4 and 12 credits during Year 4.
This is more than the 30 required for the major (only 15 may be earned abroad).
If you skip ahead in Flagship, attend a non-credit bearing program for 2nd Summer abroad, do a semester abroad instead of a summer, or otherwise deviate from this usual plan, make sure to count your credits in advance, discuss them with our director, and have them documented on a Study Abroad Course Approval Form before going.

Add/Change/Remove Majors, Programs, Goals, Extracurriculars


Take note once again of special requirements in the Flagship Academic Standard for attending our Taiwan program, and plan accordingly.

IMPORTANT: Inform us of any changes in your plans, even if they are not directly related to Flagship.
We have to submit reports to our national office with statistics on how many students are in each major, minor, special program, etc.

Pathways For This Year and Beyond
  • Default plan

    • Summer: CHIN 215 in Taiwan
    • Fall: CHIN 313 back at the Oxford campus
  • Alternate Plan(s): Summer and/or Fall abroad

    • Got a very demanding 2nd major?
    • Need to free up your summer(s)?
    • Need to graduate early?
    • Feel considerably ahead / behind your cohort?
    • Visit our Fall / Spring Abroad page and check whether this might be an advantageous / necessary option.
  • Capstone Plans

    • Every Flagship student must have a plan that includes Capstone
    • Beginning now, and throughout the semester, be considering how any potential changes in your situation, goals, or interests might affect your timeline for attending Capstone.
    • Make an appointment immediately with us if you realize you should/must do Capstone early or are concerned that you may not be able or willing to attend. Changes in the Capstone participation timeline usually require strategic changes to occur 4 or 6 semesters before you actually plan to attend, so you cannot afford to put this off. Choosing not to go to Capstone usually means exiting our Flagship program. You will want to be strategic in how you do this so as to best achieve your linguistic goals (limited as they may be) and to comple the Chinese major or minor.