All Funding Possible From Ole Miss

*This is important for all future Ole Miss students, regardless of whether they end up committing to a special program like Flagship.

Academic Merit

Ole Miss calculates your Academic Merit and other automatic scholarship(s) based on any and all ACT or SAT scores they have on file. Our Admissions and Tuition page lists the most recent stats that we have, but you should always refer ultimately to the UM Financial Aid Scholarships page.

Have you taken the ACT?

Multiple Times?

Is your score above a 32?

If you have not already taken both exams multiple times, we encourage you to do so.

Have you taken the SAT?

Multiple Times?

Is your score above a 1430?

In the past, there have been students who were unable to afford UM tuition until they re-took the ACT or SAT and moved up in the UM automatic scholarship bracket. Some students’ SAT score might put them in a higher bracket than their ACT score (of vice versa).

Your Job:

1. Sign up for more test(s) this spring (through June test date)

SAT dates – official page

ACT dates – official page

2. Make sure that you the university has the highest of each

If you have any doubts about this, please check with the admissions office.

Other UM Scholarships

Go back and read over our Admissions & Tuition page, and make sure you have considered every scholarship and funding opportunity that might be available to you.

Pell Grant Recipients

If you have submitted, or are submitting, the FAFSA and believe you will qualify for a pell grant (full or partial), email and let us know immediately.  We may be able to supplement our regular scholarship funding, particularly for summer programming based on your level of need.