Full Scholarships for ROTC-Flagship Students

For students interested in joining Army or Air Force ROTC, you will very likely qualify for two types of scholarship:

  • 4-year tuition / housing scholarships
  • full scholarships for summers abroad and Capstone

Summer and Capstone scholarships for ROTC students in Chinese Flagship cover not just tuition, fees, housing, airfare, and visa costs, but they also provide a food stipend. Make sure to touch base with the unit through their UM webpage as early as possible (spring of your senior year of high school, if not earlier). Also, make sure to inform us at the same time that you commit to our Flagship program so we can set aside any additional scholarships for you. You may want to start with our ROTC page for more info and contacts.

Important: if you join ROTC, please help us spread the message to incoming ROTC freshman that they should consider starting / taking language courses as freshmen. We are part of a national program called Project GO that provides programming and full funding (including airfare, meal stipends, etc.) to ROTC students to complete 8 weeks of intensive language training in various countries (not just Chinese in China). Priority is given to students who are already studying the language(s) or who are underclassmen who can commit to taking the language for most/all of college. Students are also given priority if they have participated in Project GO in a previous summer and are therefore strongly encouraged to begin early. In many cases, ROTC cadets and midshipmen can participate in Project GO even in summers in which they have ROTC training, but summer after freshman year is usually the easiest. Students with the foresight to sign up for language as freshmen will carry an advantage for the rest of their college careers. To be clear, ROTC students in Flagship receive full funding for Flagship and Flagship-approved programs, which almost invariably precludes their participation in Project GO. You, as an incoming freshman, however, are in the best position to inform high school friends (especially younger students), teachers, and administrators, as well as other new ROTC freshmen of the importance of starting language early. The emphasis is on critical languages, such as Chinese, Russian, and Arabic. Visit the Project GO website for a more complete list.

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