Summer Meal Plans

Remember that no Flagship scholarship will cover meals (exception: students receiving ROTC-Flagship for study abroad). In order to keep your own costs to a minimum, carefully consider available meal plans through UM Dining Services and choose the most appropriate one for your needs. You may opt out of purchasing a meal plan, but with the time involved in the Flagship summer program, “fending for yourself,” is not advised.

Summer meal plans will not officially be posted until later in the spring.  As a general reference, here are the rates from a recent summer:


Number of Meals Flex Dollars Cost
120 48 $996
80 29 $669
50 0 $468

If you plan to eat many meals off campus, you can choose a less expensive meal plan.

Meal plans are purchased through the Ole Miss ID center, typically during orientation, right before the start of the session.

Check the following website for updated information on summer meal plans and how to purchase them:
Ole Miss Dining Webpage

Much of the meal pricing is listed in the Meal Plan Order Form.