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Note: One UM Flagship alum completed this degree (which they recommend), and is currently part of an overseas task force.

Language Flagship to students and alumni: scholarships and application tips

It’s now more affordable to earn a master’s at the Middlebury Institute. We guarantee Language Flagship students and alumni a $16,000 annual scholarship for any of our master’s programs. They may also receive additional merit and need-based scholarships, depending in part on the strength of their application.
Top five tips for translating Language Flagship time abroad into a successful grad school application:
  1. Tailor the application to the school’s values. Look carefully at essay prompts, interview questions, program descriptions, and employment outcomes to identify values.
  2. Write a targeted essay. Draw on real-world experiences to demonstrate what particular skills you will bring to the program. Don’t just recycle an essay used on another school!
  3. Ace the interview. Highlight skills you gained during service, including learning a new language; managing a cross-cultural team; starting a new program; thriving in ambiguity.
  4. Underscore adaptability: Explain how your time abroad taught you to overcome obstacles, face challenges, and ultimately thrive in a new environment.
  5. Translate experience into outcomes: Highlight successes in your experience that led to sustainable results.
The Institute’s next application deadline is April 1.  We’ll waive the application fee for any Language Flagship students and alumni when they fill out our short partner form.
Any questions? Please contact me at jill.stoffers@middlebury.edu.
Apply by April 1
Jill Stoffers
Senior Director of Institutional Partnerships