Test Signups Spring, Year 1 (off-campus)

Required exams for Year 1, Spring End:

  • Speaking: OPIc
  • Reading & Listening: STAMP
    (those receiving federal scholarships from Flagship for this summer, such as contracted ROTC students, take the AC-BYU Reading & Listening exams instead)

For more information on the exams and how to prepare, visit our tests page.


1) Test Your Equipment

Equipment: you will need the following equipment:

  1. Computer/Laptop
  2. Mic (internal or external)
  3. Headphones (if there is any chance of ambient noise from inside or outside the room, i.e., a noisy HVAC unit or nearby construction)

See our test page for instructions on how to test  your equipment in advance for each test type.

2) Select Location, Proctor & Date(s)

Proctor: Your proctor will often be a parent, though a local school administrator is best

Location: you must take the exams in a quiet room with a computer compatible with the exams. The proctor can stay in the room, although it is highly discouraged if he/she understands Mandarin, as this would be highly distracting to you, the candidate.

Date(s): you can take all exams at the same time, or spread them out.  You may do slightly better if you rest between each exam, although you should score reasonably well (an accurate assessment of your abilities is the main goal).  The OPIc lasts roughly 1 hr, including the setup time.   Each half of the STAMP (reading & listening) lasts roughly 45 min.

Make sure your proctor is available for any/all test dates and for the entire duration(s).

3) Provide Us With Date(s) and Proctor Info

Now, send us (chinese@olemiss.edu) an email with the following info:

  1. Proctor email
  2. Proctor phone
  3. All test date(s)

Visit the sites below to sign up, and then fill out the corresponding forms:

NOTE: These sign-up sheets will not be updated until 1-2 weeks before they are assigned.
If you need to arrange your schedule earlier, ask Nate