Year 3 & 3rd Summer Abroad

Spring – CHIN 417







Complete these steps on the first day of Spring Semester

  1. To go to Taiwan, you will not need to apply for a visa, but you will still need to have a copy of the vitals page of your passport, both for Study Abroad and for our overseas partner.
  2. Determine now if you will need to bring your passport with you to campus, or if you can keep it at your permanent address for safe keeping.
  3. Regardless…
    • Make sure you have signed your passport
    • Take a very good scan of your passport. You can use your phone’s camera, but make the image is clear, has square corners (i.e., an unwarped rectangle), and that all wording is clear and easily legible
    • Save this file in a secure place

Note: see Tasks from Fall Start for original info on preparing your passport.

Preliminary Look at Summer Program
  1. Block out travel dates & consider travel before & after.

    See our Extending Summer Dates page.

  2. Prepare Financials

    Read through Spring Start Scholarships Section

Course Approval Form

See Course Approval Form Submission Process